How is Customer Experience Driving Digital Transformation?

In today’s age and time where consumer experience matters more than ever, businesses and marketers are striving to improve consumer satisfaction. Besides price and quality, CX or consumer experience has become the most prominent brand differentiator. The drive to offer highest consumer satisfaction has turned into a battle that every business wants to win. Since consumers at large have embraced technologies like AI and IoT into their lives, they understand the value of the data they share with brands. Businesses are hiring digital marketing consultant companies who can use the data most eff

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Content Marketing vs. Content Strategy: What is the difference?

In today’s online business world, digital marketers from digital marketing agency Virginia Beach are increasingly focusing over content marketing. With the increase in the popularity of social media and the advent of digital marketing, more and more businesses and brands are keen to leverage the potentials of content marketing. But this term is often overused or rather miss used by most. Sometimes content marketing is used interchangeably with content strategy.

Although content marketing and content strategy sound similar and they work around the content created for the promotion of the brand,

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