Content Marketing vs. Content Strategy: What is the difference?

In today’s online business world, digital marketers from digital marketing agency Virginia Beach are increasingly focusing over content marketing. With the increase in the popularity of social media and the advent of digital marketing, more and more businesses and brands are keen to leverage the potentials of content marketing. But this term is often overused or rather miss used by most. Sometimes content marketing is used interchangeably with content strategy.

Although content marketing and content strategy sound similar and they work around the content created for the promotion of the brand, a proficient digital marketing agency would tell you the difference between them. For any online marketing campaign, understanding these differences can be the key to its success.

The primary difference between content marketing and content strategy lies in the answer where and why content is used.  It is the work of a content strategist to figure out why a particular piece of content should be produced, why it would work for the business, why should the audience consume the content. The content strategist works with the content team to guide their work and develop content that share-worthy. On the other hand, content marketers have the job to place these contents where it would get the maximum outreach.  

Let’s delve deep into the fundamental differences these two terms have and how are they interconnected by understanding more about them.

What is Content Strategy?

Content strategy is planning, creating and managing the content that is written or produced in other media forms. It is a plan that guides the usage of content developed for the business.

In other words, the content strategy works as an outline of the business that states out how the content would be used to leverage the various marketing efforts. A well-prepared content strategy addresses these following questions.

•    What is the importance of the content?

•    What channels to use to publish the content?

•    When should the content be released?

•    Who is the brand’s target audience?

•    How much reach will the content get?

•    Once published, what should we do with the content?

•    How to formulate the content?

•    What type of content is desired by the audience?

•    Who will roll and monitor the content on social media channels?

•    Does the audience find the content engaging? 

What is a Content Marketing Strategy?

On the other hand, content marketing is a sales approach to make new customers by creating and delivering quality content. It is a combination of marketing as well as sales skills. Content marketing calls for efforts to sale content to the audience without losing their interest. The process involves selecting the target group who the brand wants to pitch through their content and then devise an action plan to turn these audiences into a sale.

For content marketing efforts to become a success, it is a must to have a well-prepared content strategy. To simply put, the content marketing strategy helps brands address the concerns of what content to be used, where to use it and how?